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Welcome to the official site of the 6ft6 Black Barbie, missing from your Drag Queen collection, Naomi Wynters! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little more about me, as well as, partake in my journey while viewing the world through Naomi's eyes.

 As a professional entertainer since 2006, Wynters' is here to entertain and make sure you have an unforgettable party or social event. Wynters founded, Wynter Wonderland Productions, an event production company to help organize the many event requests. Through this company Wynters has been able to present contracted jobs to many queens, creating shows in local venues throughout various cities and inspire many up and coming as well as seasoned queens.

Naomi strives to keep you reminiscent of good times during her one of a kind performances whether solo or booking a group performance. WWP guarantees to leave you entertained and begging for more from makeup/beauty services, video projects and in between. Wynters' covers multiple arrays of fashion and makeup talents, to compliment the bold and vibrant presence she has on stage, combined with her unique lip-synching and dance moves to a wide range of genres. 

You're bound to fall in love. But don't let her severe case of R.B.F.  deter you! Most times its not easy to grasp or interpret Naomi's facial expressions but that doesn't mean you can't say "Hi!"

So, order another round or go spark up, life's a stage and there's no need to let the party stop!






"Cause I came to Serve and Twirl!" 


Photo: Dario Krakower


All the shows Naomi involved with always have my special touch added. Naomi never aims to put on the same performance twice, as each is personalized to the audience's energy and occasion. Naomi strive's to create and produce unforgettable performances accessible to all audiences, aiming to leave you with a great time. Contact Naomi now to learn more about her shows and rates.



Standup and Naomi is more a getting to know the personality. Sometime, the material is great other times its just plain bad. She promises to keep you entertained with a little more than Sommore and Denzel Washington's Dick. Naomi wouldn't "call every great emcee situation a win, I'm may be a little dry like my Cabernet, but I'm definitely an experience. Hell, Sometimes I don't even know what's going on..Can I get a refill?"






Naomi's dance act is it's own unique variety, with moves from classic ballet, jazz and a major influence from freestyle street dance and hiphop. Naomi aims to pull you in to the performance each time, but DON'T get it twisted, She's not afraid to be glamourours in an evening gown or campy with comedy! If you're expecting Naomi to TWIRL, kick and (attempt) splits on a dance floor you've spilled DRINKS all over, then you can HANG THAT GLITTER UP!!!!

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